How Hockey Goalies Drop Into Butterfly Evenly (and fast)

You know when you go into your butterfly and one pad hits the ice slightly before the other pad… and invariably that’s exactly where the puck squeaks into the back of the net?

You know that feeling too don’t you? ?

Well, let’s fix it today.

I made this video to help hockey goalies like you get into their butterfly quickly and with a good seal on the ice so you can prevent a few of those goals you know you should have had… and that will improve your save percentage and also your status in the dressing room – ?

I also have a few drills to help you even out your RVH – almost every goalie I meet tells me that on one side their RVH feels effortless, but when they go to the other post, it feels awkward.  There are anatomical reasons for that, but in the video I have some off-ice goalie drills that will help you even it out.

If you want to even out your butterfly and your RVH, if you want some simple drills to boost your save percentage, then don’t leave without watching the video… and then actually DO some of the off-ice exercise and feel the difference for yourself.


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