How goalies get deeper splits

I took to social media a couple weeks ago asking the goalies in the Twittersphere (@goalietraining if you want to follow) and on Facebook what they wanted me to shoot a video on – how to get deeper splits or a wider butterfly flare.

They spoke loud and clear and the splits won (I’m not surprised).

So once I got back from helping the goalies at the Sabres development camp, I parked in front of my computer and put this video together for you.

If you cannot see the video above, just click on the link below…

Here’s how many…

  • Foam Roll Groins – 30s each side
  • Assisted Splits – 30s each way
  • Leg Elevated Contraction (push, then lift) – 3 each for 10-15 seconds
  • TRX Assisted Splits – 30s each
  • Eccentric Abduction – 3-5 each side for 6 seconds

Work on those 4-6 days per week for the next 2-weeks and let me know how much you improve by posting in the comment section below.


If you want a wider butterfly flare to go with your deeper splits – – so you can frustrate even MORE shooters in your league, then here’s where to start >> the FREE 14-Day Butterfly Challenge that will add 3-6 inches to your butterfly flare in 14 days or less.