Holiday Survival Part TWO: Key 3 Stability Exercises for Hockey

I know a lot of our neighbours to the south are traveling to family today, so I will keep this short – today I have the second installment of the three part series on holiday survival.  Yesterday I gave you the Key 3 Exercises for Flexibility and today I am sharing the Key 3 Stability Exercises for Hockey.  In case you missed it the concept is this – if you get pulled off your regular routine with the schedule of the holidays, this series will provide you with the key three exercises you need for flexibility, stability and strength.

So if you do nothing more than these three, it should sustain you through the holiday.  Will they make you flourish?  No.  Much the way a castaway would not flourish when surviving on rain water and snails, but it is certainly better than nothing and definitely better than the alternative.

Here are the three stability exercises…

  • Plank + Elbow Drive is a new exercises that I have not shared with you before.  I learned it just a few weeks ago when Tyler and I attended a Charlie Weingroff workshop in Toronto.  Drive with your elbows for 5 seconds, do 6 repetitions
  • Single Leg Reach – do 3 reaches in each direction on each leg
  • Same Side Superman – try to do 10 on each side without touching down in between

Do these 2-3 times per week.  So now you have about 6-minutes of stretching to do 4-5 days per week and about 4-minutes of stability training to do 2-3 times per week.  Check back tomorrow for the final Key Three for Strength.  See you then.