You need a divorce.

Did I get you with that headline – now let me tell you that this post is really about goalie ab exercises?  Hope none of you stopped reading at the title and ran straight to the phone to call your lawyer.  Put down the phone and let me explain how you need to divorce one of your goalie ab exercises.  Much cheaper than a real divorce too – no lawyers for this one.

I cannot remember who it is off the top of my head, but there is a strength coach who talks about coaches, trainers and athletes who are ‘married’ to an exercise.  You know the type – they are nice, smart, honest people who choose a spouse who lies, cheats and steals.

You finally get the courage to tell your friend ‘the truth’ about their spouse – thinking you are doing them this great favour – letting them know that the one they love is actually doing them long-term harm.  You are saving them from pain and suffering down the road – you are a good friend.

So you give your friend the facts and what is their response?  They are furious…with you!  Instead of evaluating the objective evidence and seeing howthey are better off moving in a different direction, they cling even more tenaciously to the one that hurts them.

Trainers and athletes are married to different exercises, but I think of all the exercises, more people are married to crunches than any other.  Crunches are the Casanova of ab exercises.

I have laid out the evidence for you HERE, so today I am going be a good friend by basically taking you out for a night on town to show you that there are lots of other fish in the sea and you will be better off with one of them.  So here are some options for you to try and see if you are willing to make the move and divorce your crunches…

Try just one or two and see if you like them better (please note – you cannot do this for a real marriage – no testing out other options first – that is frowned upon).