What Separates Us From “Them”


I bet it happens to Sidney Crosby, Jamie Benn and heck even Carey Price from time to time. We all fall off the wagon (the training wagon I mean).

Maybe you are off right now.

Maybe your season ended a three weeks ago and your plan was to take two weeks off and then hit your off-season program…but here we are three weeks later and the only thing getting a workout is your thumbs from playing NHL 15 on Xbox 🙂

It’s okay because what separates us from them (“us” being the “gonna-be’s” and “them” being the “wanna-be’s”) is that we hop right back on that wagon and get back on track.

“They” worry about it, then panic a little about how far behind they are, then they make excuses for why they are so far behind, then they think about what they are going to do and decide to start next week fresh, on a Monday, because that will be the perfect time to start…yes, next Monday it is!

And I think you know what happens next Monday…nothing.

So here is your friendly little kick in the pants – – it is not too late, in fact you have lots of time; so let’s get back on track. Hop back on that wagon now, because it is only going to pick up speed over the next few weeks.

If you missed it – read this article on what to do as soon as your hockey season ends HERE, if you need to start small or your gym membership has expired and you need to wait until next week to get a new one, then HERE is a free stretching routine and video that you can start with today and do literally anywhere.

If you need a done-for-you training blueprint for the off-season, then skaters click HERE, future pro goalies click HERE and BABLs, this might be just the thing to fit your busy schedule HERE.

If you need someone there to take you through your programs and make sure you are doing them properly, then start asking around to find the best strength and conditioning coach in your area.

Ask friends and coaches, ask your sport physiotherapist or sport chiropractor – – they will have a good handle on who refers clients to them when something isn’t right and if there is a trainer who’s programs are creating a lot of injuries, they will know that too.

Do that soon, because if they are really good, their schedule will already be getting filled with hockey players looking for off-season training.

So now you know what to do – like holding out a hand to help you climb back up on the wagon, start with one thing today and keep going.

What happens if you fall off again? Just get back on.

Happy training.


PS – Just to show that consistent hard work pays off. If you watched the London Knights vs. the Erie Otters last week, you would have seen Team RevCon athlete Paul Town on the bench for the Knights as their back-up.

He’s a kid who was always one of the last cuts for AAA and then Jr. B – he played Jr. C this year and there he was on the bench for our hometown Knights. He got there with hard work, a positive attitude and a belief that anything is possible.