U2 Hobbling Update & Better & Best – Part 2

Great news!  I can walk again after the hobbling I got from the U2 show on Monday.  If you missed the story, you can get it here. I actually had to skip my run on Wednesday morning because the ol’ calves were in such a knot – but today I am good to GO!  Wooooo!

The best off-ice goalie training program ever!

I had some questions after I posted the sample video from one of my Elite Goalie Strength & Conditioning members.  Some of you thought there was ONE ultimate off-ice goalie training program that would catapult them to the top of their game.  The truth is the perfect program for you may be exactly the wrong program for another goalie.  You see, this is where the art of program design comes in.

Any program worth its salt should be based in the science of the training, but finessing the art can make all the difference, especially at the highest levels of the sport.  So I put together a little video to help you understand that an effective off-ice training program takes into account:

  • the demands of the sport and position
  • periodization or progression through different phases of training
  • common injuries and strategies to minimize the risk
  • specific energy system development
  • consistency – the program must be do-able

…just to name a few.  So when a goalie joins the Elite Goalie Strength & Conditioning program and tells me they have access to a slideboard, then I am going to program in some slideboard work.  I would never put slideboard work into one of my downloadable goalie training programs because for most of you that would have an impact on your compliance – you may want to do the training, but if you do not have the gear then it won’t get done.

So learn more about what makes a good – better – best off-ice goalie training program by watching the video below…

Free goalie training roundtable in Vancouver area!

As you know, I will be in Richmond, BC next week working at Jack O’Halloran’s Head2Head Elite Goalie Camp – don’t worry I am only doing the off-ice training!  Anyway, I thought it would be awesome if I could meet up with some of you when I am in the neighbourhood.  So here is what I have done – I have booked the conference room at the Richmond Ice Centre from 7-8pm on Wednesday, July 20th.  It is a chance for you to come by and ask any questions you may have about your off-ice training or just to come and hang out with me for an hour – how fun!

So here is what to do if you want to come by – email info@revolutionconditioning.com with the Subject Line: Goalie Roundtable – then just give me your name, email and phone number.  I only have space for 10 of you, so I will confirm by email or telephone if you are one of the 10.  Look forward to seeing you there!