U2 – DOMS – Better & Best: Part 1

How U2 hobbled me with DOMS

So we had an awesome time at the U2 show in Toronto on Monday night, but today I can hardly walk because I have the worst case of DOMS in my calves!  I am seriously hobbled, which reminds me…I am sorry if you were the people standing behind me at the show in Monday night – I literally did jump up and down for the entire 2 hour show – I had a heck of a time, but probably a little irritating to the folks behind me – so sorry.  Here is some video from the show and I will give you a less on on DOMS after that.

If you are a hockey player who reads this website, the for sure your off-ice hockey training has giving you DOMS.  It stands for “Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness” which is a natural response to unaccustomed activity.  Apparently I am not accustomed to doing two hours of plyometric these days, so that is why my calves are so sore and stiff today.  DOMS is the result of micro trauma to the muscle tissue, but as the body repairs itself it tends to adapt to those demands which brought it on in the first place, so once I can walk again, if I were to go rock out to another U2 show – probably my calves would not be as sore the next day.

There is not much you can do to get over the DOMS faster, you can ice, you can do gentle stretching, but you basically just have to let it run its course.  When you have DOMS it feels like a bruise in the muscle – it is not joint pain and there is no ‘instant of injury’.  You typically feel fine when you are doing the thing – like rocking out at the concert, but then 1-2 days later you pay the price.  The discomfort typically goes away after 1-5 days.  If it persists longer or gets feeling worse and worse, you should seek medical attention – could be something other than DOMS.

Mass confusion ensued!

Finally, after my last post giving you a copy of the individualized goalie program I had emails from a few of you who were following the UGT 2.0 or were working with your own trainer and you were worried because you thought I was holding something back on you.  You thought I had this perfect program for all goalies, but was not sharing it – like I would do that to you guys.  In my next post I will explain how a customized program can make all the difference for some, but for others it is a complete waste of money! This is why over half of the applicants to my Elite Goalie Strength & Conditioning program get denied for membership – it will not give them maximum benefit for the money.  So that is one for my next post…

Have a great day!