Two Brand New Goalie Training Videos…

Hope your day is off to a good start – I am a big believer in what one of my mentors Alwyn Cosgrove says “there are only good days and great days”and I will still call today a great day even though the sewer backed up into our basement this morning.  Tomorrow we are out of town all day and Sunday we are running a 1/2 marathon (that we have not adequately trained for I might add) and THEN we get to come home to roto-rooter our sewer.

I know most of you think that roto-rootering the sewer is a job best left to the pros – and you would be right, but the Paul (the love of my life, darling husband) is big on being a do-it-yourselfer – so we will be spending Sunday afternoon wrestling a metal snake through the drain and about 20 meters out into the backyard.  Yes, it will be exactly as fun as it sounds 🙁

But then I got this email from one of you and it reminded me of what is important – helping my 10,000 goalies win more games with fewer injuries – I changed it a little bit to protect the identity of the sender but here is what it said…

Thank you for creating such a great program. I had a tough year being demoted from the starter on a junior team to a third stringer while my cousin was hospitalized. After beginning your program I am more confident than ever and a better goalie, my save percentage is up to .950% in spring league and my spot on the XXXXXX Varsity team has been secured. I am positive that beginning your program has made all this possible. Thanks a lot!

So enough about my sewer – I want to share a couple of videos today that will help you.  One is the in depth version of the goalie training workout I did at Steve McKichan’s minicamp in Strathroy.  You asked for it so you got it.  Just click this link to see the sets and reps we did for this off-ice goalie workout.

The next video is the one that relates to reducing the risk of sports hernia in hockey players.  Again, I laid out the exercises in this post and here is the video that goes with it – –

Here’s the breakdown of sets and reps for each exercise:

  • Foam Roll – 15 each
  • Elevated Hip Flexor Stretch – 50 seconds on each side
  • Supine Hip Internal Rotation – 5 second hold x 10 repetitions
  • Supine Hip Flexion & Hold – 2×10 second hold on each side
  • Ball Squeeze & Hip Flexion – slowly – 5- 10 reps

Hope you enjoy those two new goalie training videos I made for you.  The first one is a nice all around workout that you can do with minimal equipment to improve your flexibility, stability, strength, speed and stamina.   The second gives you a few exercises that you can integrate into your existing routine that will not only reduce your risk of sports hernia but improve the flexibility and stability of your hips.

Have a great day!

PS – if you are on my email list, make sure you check your inbox today for a message from me that will get you a fast action bonus on my new product – The Goalie Workout Club which I just released today.  Right now it is just for my email list, but next week I will open it up to everyone.