Time to Re-Evaluate PLUS Goalie Training Q&A

Well, another weekend polished off.  This weekend Paul and I drove up to Collingwood (about 3.5 hours north east of home) to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary with what else but some beauty mountain biking!

The weather was perfect and the fall colours were still outstanding.  We started Saturday with a nice 30-minute run followed by eggs, english muffins and bacon for breakfast and then we headed out for about 2.5 hours of mountain biking and finished it off with a nice grande cup of Starbucks goodness!

We had planned to head into the Village at Blue Mountain (about 2-minutes from where we were staying) for a nice anniversary supper, but by about 5pm we were so pooped that we just picked up a nice hummus pita from Pita Pit, watched some of the hockey game and tucked into bed by about 9:14pm – what an awesome day!  Incidentally, I thought the Leafs vs. Penguins game was one of the best games I have seen in a long time (at least the part I saw was very good).  Nice to see the Monster finding his groove.

Anyway, today I have an off-ice goalie training Q&A to get to, but first I want to remind you that it is time to do your re-test.  Remember back at the start of the season I talked about how you would lose strength and fitness over the season (i.e. by the time play-offs roll around) if you did not keep up with some off ice training?  In the post where I was eating chips and surfing (not at the same time), I gave you a quick off-ice evaluation that you could do on yourself to monitor either your progress with your program or your regression.  Well, time to redo that test and see how you measure up.

Off-Ice Goalie Training Q&A

In today’s edition of the off-ice goalie training Q&A I clear out my email inbox and answer your questions about:

  • where to get off-ice training gear – a couple of my favourites are Twist Conditioning in Canada and Perform Better in the U.S.
  • how to find an awesome personal trainer – no hanging out in the parking lot of your local gym is not the best strategy
  • how to prevent dehydration after games
  • being a jack of all trades or a master of one – how this will impact your training choices
  • the benefits of hitting the steam room after workouts.

Click on the video below for your Q&A