Three off-ice power and core exercises for hockey goalies and skaters.

How is your summer so far?  I know we are only two days into it, but so far so good!  Things at the Revolution Gym have been a little nuts, but great at the same time!  As you know I am one of those people who really needs their sleep, so that is a bit of an issue because I am training clients from 6am – 6pm and then I need to clear my email and do some program design when I get home, so getting to bed by 8:30pm is a top priority.  I am missing that target most nights, so I can see fear in my husband’s eyes because when I get tired, I get CRANKY!!  Poor guy!

We are heading to the Perform Better Summit in Chicago this weekend, so hopefully I can get some sleep there and learn some great new off ice training drills to share with you.

Okay, on to today’s feature – this is a three exercise off ice power and core circuit for hockey goalies and skaters.  The training rope is a fairly new tool so you may not have access to one, you can do some heavy bag punching as an alternative or some bungee punches.  I hope you enjoy the circuit!


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