This post could save your life.

How do you like that sneaky little time change?  Me?  Not so much.  I really wish they would stop doing that, I don’t even know why they started doing it in the first place.  It was just starting to get light at a decent hour when all of a sudden – BAM!  Now it is pitch dark again AND I lost an hour of sleep – I feel sorry for my clients at Revolution Conditioning this week – cranky.  Okay, other than making me cranky, the time change reminds me of something else and this one is serious.  Did you remember to check your smoke alarms and go over your home and work emergency evacuation plan?

Paul always checks our smoke alarms at home when the clocks change and we have caught them disabled from time to time.  We have a smoke alarm adjacent to the kitchen which has been known to go off when I am cooking (I am actually a good cook, but sometimes things get a little out of hand), so the battery will get pulled out of it.  Such a bad idea!  Don’t do this!

Why am I going all ‘home safety’ on you?  Well, here’s why – I got an email from one of you last week asking me to re-send the download links to the Ultimate Goalie Training system which they had purchased.  I knew he had purchased it, we have exchanged some emails in the last year, so I was ready to send him the link, no problem.  As I continued reading his email I discovered the reason he needed the link again was that his house had burned to the ground!  Completely destroyed – everything.  He got out safely and was okay, but all his possessions were gone.  He asked me to please remind you all to check your smoke alarms, make sure they are working and make sure you have an emergency escape plan and to NEVER try to go back into your home to retrieve possessions or mementos. He said it was shocking how quickly the fire spread once it started!

Now, I think I know you pretty well, so your reaction is probably like mine – what can we do to help him out.  I did offer to run a fundraiser for him.  I just heard back that his community and the hockey community where he lives has been very supportive and helpful, so he is doing okay and is starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel, although it will take time.  He just asked that I remind you all about fire safety.  If it is your belief to send a few prayers, I am sure that would help, I will send positive thoughts his way and stop taking the battery out of the smoke alarm when I am cooking supper.

Later this week I will tell you another story about someone I met this past weekend, but for now,  I want to get on to today’s post.  I have had several emails over the last two weeks asking about the difference between the Rapid Response Goalie Training system and the Ultimate Goalie Training system, so I will provide a brief synopsis below.  If you are interested keep reading, if not I will catch up with you later in the week:

For those of you who have been with me forever, this will be a review so I will try to keep it quick.  For starters, both programs are downloadable only!  No hard copy is sent through the mail!

Complete off ice training for hockey goalies

Complete Off Ice Training Program for Hockey Goalies.

Let’s start with the Ultimate Goalie Training System.  This is the first online goalie training program I created and it was originally based on my elite off-season training program that I run at the Revolution Studio every summer.  It is a pro-style off-ice training program for goalies who are really looking to take their game to the next level – AAA, Junior, College or pro.

I do have adults who successfully complete this program but it was designed more for the 14-26 year old goalie who is committed to become the best goalie possible, but may not have access to a professional strength and conditioning coach with experience training goalies.  Goalies on this program will:

  • Get a 12-week detailed training program telling you exactly what to do on which day
  • Train 6 days per week (workouts will range from 20-minutes up to over 1.5 hours)
  • Need access to dumbbells (ideally a barbell as well), stability ball, resistance bands or cable column, ideally a chin up bar (but not necessary)
  • Receive a training calendar for the in-season as well as the off-season
  • Train to develop flexibility, stability, strength, stamina and speed

off-ice goalie trainingThe Rapid Response Goalie Training System, was created based on a questionnaire I sent to members of my email list.  I asked them what they wanted my next product to include and they told me quite clearly – they wanted quick, goalie specific workouts that they could do at home.

This program was designed for the very busy goalie – perhaps a high school goalie or an adult goalie who has a lot on his or her schedule, but still has a very strong desire to improve their play on the ice and reduce their risk of injury.  For goalies who have not followed a detailed off-ice training program before, I think it is a good place to start as well.  Here is what you will find with this program:

  • A 10 or 15-week training program based on which schedule you choose to follow
  • You decide whether you train 2, 3 or 4 times per week
  • Can do all workouts at home with just dumbbells, stability ball and resistance band
  • Workouts last from 20-40 minutes.
  • Training to develop flexibility, stability, strength, stamina and speed.

So the big difference is this – if you are chasing the dream big time – you need the Ultimate Goalie Training System.  If you are serious about hockey, but because you are a little overwhelmed right now with other obligations you do not have time for the pie-in-the-sky training then the Rapid Response Goalie Training system is for you.

Hope that helps.