Choosing the right off-ice goalie training program.

With more and more of you getting into ‘off-season training mode’ I have had quite a few emails asking about the difference between the Ultimate Goalie Training 3.0 system and the Rapid Response Goalie Training system.  So I will break that down for you today and in the future I can just direct inquiries here…

For those of you who have been with me forever, this will be a review so I will try to keep it short.

Click the image above.

Click the image above.

Let’s start with the Ultimate Goalie Training 3.0 System.  This is the first online goalie training program I created and it was originally based on my elite off-season training program that I run at the Revolution Studio every summer.  It is a pro-style off-ice training program for goalies who are really looking to take their game to the next level – AAA, Junior, College or pro.

I do have adults who successfully complete this program but it was designed more for the 14-26 year old goalie who is committed to become the best goalie possible, but may not have access to a professional strength and conditioning coach with experience training goalies.  Goalies on this program will:

  • Get a 12-week detailed training program telling you exactly what to do on which day
  • Train 6 days per week (workouts will range from 20-minutes up to over 1.5 hours)
  • Need access to dumbbells (ideally a barbell as well), stability ball, resistance bands or cable column, ideally a chin up bar (but not necessary)
  • Receive a training calendar for the in-season as well as the off-season
  • Train to develop flexibility, stability, strength, stamina and speed

goalie specific drills for hockey

The Rapid Response Goalie Training System, was created based on a questionnaire I sent to members of my email list.  I asked them what they wanted my next product to include and they told me quite clearly – they wanted a quick, goalie specific workout that they could do at home.

This program was designed for the very busy goalie – perhaps a high school goalie or an adult goalie who has a lot on his or her schedule, but still has a very strong desire to improve their play on the ice and reduce their risk of injury.  For goalies who have not followed a detailed off-ice training program before, I think it is a good place to start as well.  Here is what you will find with this program:

  • A 10 or 15-week training program based on which schedule you choose to follow
  • You decide whether you train 2, 3 or 4 times per week
  • Can do all workouts at home with just dumbbells, stability ball and resistance band
  • Workouts last from 20-40 minutes.
  • Training to develop flexibility, stability, strength, stamina and speed.

So the big difference is this – if you are chasing the dream big time – you need the Ultimate Goalie Training System.  If you are serious about hockey, but because you are a little overwhelmed right now with other obligations you do not have time for the pie-in-the-sky training then the Rapid Response Goalie Training system is for you.

See you later in the week for more practical off-ice training tips.