Teaser Vaughn SLR4, Hip Injury & Recovery for Adults, Talking Bandy Goalie – Goalie Training Q&A – 02.08.24

Join Maria Mountain in this weekly live Q&A to learn more about hip impingement and recovery for adult goalies, as well as a teaser about the upcoming SLR4 Pads from Vaughn.  Maria also dives into game preparations and rituals, how to get started as a goalie, in addition to her thoughts on Bandy Hockey Goaltending. She answers questions about the College Hockey experience and how she got into training Elite goaltenders.

Check out the topics below:

00:45: Vaughn SLR4 Goalie Gear Teaser

02:30: Talking to Your Teammates, Game Preparations, & Rituals

13:06: Maria’s Thoughts on the College Hockey & University Experience in General

16:40: Are Tights Pads a Thing of the Past?

19:30: Recovery for Athletes: Manual, TENS devices and Other Methods

22:35: How to Get Started as a Goalie… Check Out the Butterfly Challenge

25:32: Hip Impingement, FAI & How to Work with Young Goalies

30:00: What is the Definition of a Goalie Guru?

31:21: How Maria Got into Training Hockey Goalies

32:52: Training for Bandy Goalies – Hockey Goalies Have it Easy

35:57: Recovery after Hip Impingement Surgery and playing Goalie at an Older Age – Check Out the Beer League BootCamp


Curious about what you heard in the Q&A? Check out the Butterfly Challenge, a 14 day FREE program to transform your butterfly. And for those adult net-minders who are looking for a purpose built program, you can learn about the Beer League Boot Camp here. Appreciate you all tuning in this week.  Join Maria live Thursdays at 2pm EST on Facebook or Instagram.