Sample off-season training split for hockey.

off ice agility drill for goaliesHope you all had a great weekend – it was a long weekend for the ‘regular people’ in Canada.  Time to celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday and drink some beer.  I wrote a blog post over at my Revolution Conditioning site about what the weekend means to Canadians – you can read it here –  May 2-4 Weekend in Canada.  I did not sit around and drink beer all weekend, but I did go see the movie Robin Hood which was very good and then on Sunday Paul and I went running and bike riding – a nice active day with some time to sit out on the front porch and read.

Because there is no rest for the wicked, I worked yesterday and so did my athletes.  We had a great sessions all day – well done gang!  Today I want to share with you the general training split I use when I train hockey goalies and skaters.  Check out the article to get an idea of the rough outline we work through from May thru August.  Just click the link below:

Off Ice Hockey Training at Revolution Conditioning


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