REVIEW: who should attend the GCG Prospects Event?

GCG Prospects Event Review

Wanted to share a review of the GCG Prospects Event just outside of Boston.  I was there the week of July 16th (put it on your calendar for last year). 

If you want to hear ALL the details (and discover my new FAVOURITE place to eat on the road), then listen in below…


If you are more of a skimmer/reader, then here are the highlights… 

  • 218 goalies from NHL pros to College to 13 year old goalies
  • Coaches from the NHL, NCAA, Junior organizations including Bob Essensa, Andrew Raycroft, Jamie McGuire, Justin Goldman, Jack Hartigan, Mike Dunham, Scott Clemmensen, etc
  • Worried about the number of goalies? Don’t be, it ran like a well-oiled machine with a great schedule AND a rink with 8-10 ice pads, there was space for everyone
  • Everyday there was off-ice (with me) and Yoga for all goalies
  • There is a hotel directly across the road from the rink if you like to be close
  • There is a Protein House (my new fave place to eat) within 10-minutes of the rink
  • Speaking of food – – the lunch provided at the rink everyday was amazing with fresh salad, some lean protein and some carbs to fuel the afternoon sessions. Every day was a different meal so it never got boring and it was DELICIOUS!
  • Always someone around to ask for help if you needed it
  • A Pure Hockey shop just down the road just in case you need a new mask strap or whatever
  • Daily strategy sessions with video review so goalies can learn firsthand from NHL, former NHL goalies and current college/NHL scouts
  • Informative sessions for parents to help you navigate the jungle that is goalie development


Bottomline:  Who is this camp good for?

I think this camp is idea for any elite (or aspiring elite) level goalie who understands that you need to be around goalies who are doing what you want to do one day and around the coaches that help them get there.

It is great to work with your same goalie coach back home every summer, but you also need to get out there and get exposure to new ideas and build relationships with different members of the goalie community – you never know where that will lead.

Have a good one!

PS – if you ever play in a game where scouts are coming to watch you, then you better listen to the audio to hear the part about one thing goalies do in warm up that puts off the scouts.