“Renegade” Training Tools You Can Make at Home

Hope you all had an awesome weekend – mine was good and productive without much excitement, which is what I am going for these days.  I made a nice beef stew in the slow cooker yesterday, which honestly came out tasting a little bland.  I am hoping it is one of those things that tastes better the next day; we will see when supper time rolls around.

I told you there were not many excitements this weekend – bland beef stew was the highlight!  Anyway, here is today’s quick article and video…

Off-Ice Training Tools You Can Make at Home

You do not need a membership at a fitness club to make yourself a better goalie.  You just need the will to prepare and some creativity.  Today I want to share a few ‘renegade’ training tools that I use at the Revolution Studio.  I made them all myself using equipment that I got from the hardware store and a camping outfitters.   I am also going to show you one of my favourite training tools that is store bought but well worth the investment because you can take it anywhere you go.

Watch the video to see how to make the following training tools…

So check out the video below to learn how to make and use the following renegade training tools…

  • Sandbag
  • Pipe of Doom (not really doom, but could not think of what to call it)
  • TRX – totally store bought
  • Glider substitute

You can also make a nice home slide board using 3/4 inch ply wood and linoleum or a 1/4 inch plastic, but I have not made one myself in the gym – I use the UltraSlide.  If you have made your own slideboard or any other home training tool (that is safe), tell us about it in the comments section below please.  Hope you can use a few of these renegade training tools with your home based off-ice goalie training program.