Release Date for Ultimate Goalie Training

Hope you are having a great day so far!  Mine is going okay – I have once again filled up the hard drive on my computer with video so now as I am doing the final revisions on the Ultimate Goalie Training manuals I cannot save the changes because there is no space on the hard drive.  Kind of frustrating, but don’t worry, my husband Paul is a computer wiz so he will figure it out. 

hockey_vol_1_2_3_mock cropped

I have given myself a firm deadline – Ultimate Goalie Training will be released on Monday, October 12th!  That is Thanksgiving Day here in Canada – so no turkey for me until I get this product up!  I will release Ultimate Goalie Training at  There will be a nice discount for those on my insider’s list for the first 48 hours of the release so you can save yourself some $$ if you get on it right away.

I will also throw in some bonus material including:

  • Approximately 100 minutes of training video showing you every single exercise.
  • The Ultimate Goalie Training system Workout Log so you can record every set and every rep to keep you on track and let you see your progress.
  • The Ultimate Goalie Training system exercise Quick Reference Guide with photos of each exercise in one convenient manual so you will never be stuck at the gym trying to remember what the heck a ‘squat lateral’ is.
  • I will also add in the HOCKEYSTRONG Core Training manual that I created for skaters, but I think it gives a nice explanation of how to build a strong useful mid-section.

The total value of these bonuses is more than double the regular price of Ultimate Goalie Training before the Insider’s List discount.  Did I mention that there is a full 60-day – no questions asked – money back guarantee?  You see, I already know that the program works, so I feel pretty comfortable offering such a great deal.

See you on October 12th!