Protect your shoulder during reaching saves.

Getting pretty pumped because Paul & I are heading across the pond later today.  The photo on the left is where we will be sleeping tomorrow night – Edinburgh, Scotland.  We will fly into Glasgow and then make our way to Edinburgh for a few days and then off to the Highland (driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road).  I will post some photos as we go along.

For today’s exercise tip for goalies, I am answering a great question that I got on Twiter – you can follow me  – @GoalieTraining.  This is a great way to ask a quick question and this one is courtesy of @MsConduct10 (does that mean there are 9 other MsConducts?)

So, the question was about the awkward position when a goalie is making a reaching save with the arm outstretched in front of their body.  This is a pretty biomechanically weak position and a vulnerable position for the triceps and the lats.  With the triceps being the weaker of there is a risk of straining this group.  So what should you do to stabilize that shoulder in such a weak position?  Watch the video – that is what you should do.  I will give you three exercises using three different tools that will help you make those reaching saves with confidence.

My suggestion is doing 6-10 reps of each and build up slowly.  Maintain a stable torso and start with a small range of motion, then gradually reach a little further.  Incorporate one of these exercises to your regular goalie training routine once or twice per week and you are good to go.

Have a great day gang.