Post-game restorative stretches for hockey goalies.

First things first, just a reminder to check out Monday’s post if you want to get a free copy of the Rapid Response Training system for putting in about 3-minutes of work.  You can get all of the details here – I’ll take a free copy thanks!

Now to the business at hand – I had  a question from Trev who checked out a few of the blogs that I recommended earlier this week.  He was over at Kevin Neeld’s site where he had outlined a post-game stretching routine for hockey players.  It is a really good article and worth a read.  Trevor was wondering if the same stretching routine would work for goalies or if there were some stretches I recommend.

The answer is that Kevin’s stretches are great and if you do them you will be way ahead of the game particularly if you are a forward or dman.  For the goalies out there I have put together a restorative post-game/post-practice stretching routine for you to use.  I put it into video format for you, so I hope it makes sense.  Thanks again for the question Trev.