Partner Resisted Sprints for Hockey Training

You will remember a few weeks ago I posted some different off-ice hockey training speed drills using the sled.  I had quite a few of you email to say that you really wanted to try some of the drills, but you did not have access to a sled.  I actually did not have sleds at Revolution Conditioning until about two years ago, so I had to improvise as well and here is what we used (I still do this if I am training a bigger group)

Video – Partner Resisted Sprints for Hockey Training

Key Points to Remember…

  • Your partner should be roughly your size
  • Make sure your band or webbing is solid – there should be no chance that it will snap
  • Start with a low volume  (only 3 reps over 10 yards)- the person resisting will be doing a lot of work with the muscles in the front of the shin
  • Communicate with your partner so they know you are ready before they take off running
  • Do not give too much resistance, just a little overload

Happy training gang!

PS – I sent out the acceptance email to those of you who are invited to join the Elite Hockey Strength & Conditioning program.  Only 1 in 5 applicants made it to this stage, so do not feel bad if you didn’t make it this time.  Keep an eye on your email, I am going to send you a special offer later in the week.  Finally, one of you had a very compelling application, but you did not include your email.  I would like to invite you into the program, so if Devon from eastern Canada would email me ASAP, I will still offer you a spot in the group.