Off-Ice Hockey Training with the TRX

I wanted to introduce you to a new piece of training equipment that has quickly become one of my favourites.  It is called the TRX and it was created by a former Navy SEAL.  The idea was to create a training tool that could be used anytime and anywhere.  The TRX is the answer and not only is it great for keeping the Navy SEALS fit, it also works with hockey players.

The beauty of the TRX is that hockey players can work on their strength and stability while removing one of the barriers to exercise – no equipment at home, no gym membership, no time to go to the gym.  Below you will see me go through a quick TRX circuit – try performing a pyramid of 20 reps for your first set, 15 reps for your second set and 5 reps for your last set.  Feeling really strong – they ramp back up – 5-10-15 reps.