Off-Ice Hockey Training Q&A #4 + Loophole that saves you $44

Hi Gang,

Sorry for the lack of posts last week – it was a crazy week in the gym with one of my NHL players in town for workouts, my off-season hockey program starting and a conference presentation out of town PLUS…putting the final touches on ULTIMATE GOALIE TRAINING 2.0!  I am really happy with the way it has turned out and I am just waiting for approval on it from and then we are good to go.  I am going to give you another Q&A today looking at

  • How often should you skate during the summer?
  • Can I print copies of my Ultimate Goalie Training or HockeyStrong and mail them out to you?
  • What to do if your team training program sucks, but they still want you to do it!

After the video I will share a little loophole that can save you $44 on the new Ultimate Goalie Training 2.0 program.

If you already own Ultimate Goalie Training, I will send you a registration link for the new UGT 2.0 program at no charge to you!  My treat, to say “Thanks” to you as a loyal customer!  So, one may conclude that if you were to purchase the original off-ice goalie training program for $97, you will get UGT, but also a free upgrade to the new UGT 2.0 which will sell for $44 more during the initial launch phase and go up from there.  Just a thought…. Once UGT 2.0 goes live, you will no longer be able to access the original UGT.