Off Ice Groin Exercise for Hockey Goalies.

Hi Gang,

This post is for those of you who are terrified to train your groin muscles in the gym – first of all you know you are going to have to ‘work in’ with some lady who looks like she is right out of “Real Housewives of Hoboken” while all the muscle head’s stare at you like a freak when you plunk your butt on that stupid ‘groin machine’.  Here is the great news – when you are playing goal in hockey, your adductors (groins) do not really work this way – with your feet off the ground.  Your adductors work in a closed chain when you are playing goal so you are in contact with the ground through either your feet or knees.

I am not saying this exercise looks much better, but at least you can do it at home or in your local sport conditioning centre without getting as many crazy looks.  Here is a video…

Hope that gives you a few ideas!  Happy training gang!


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