Off-Ice Goalie Training Q&A – Part 2

As promised, here is part two of the Q&A.  I posted the first part of this goalie training Q&A earlier this week and although I thought it was a pretty quick Q&A, it turned out the be 12-minutes.  Well, I know that most of you have other things to do – like train for hockey – and asking you to sit down and watch a 12-minute goalie training video is quite a bit to ask on a Monday.  So, I split it in two and here is the second part (then read the bottom of the post for a wicked tech tip).

Part Two: Goalie Training Q&A

Check out the video below if you would like to know the answer to the following quesitons…

Even if you don’t want to know the answers to the questions above, just watch the first 15-seconds of the video to check out my new cool intro.  Let me know in the comments section below or click on the “Like” button if you like it.  And now I am going to give you a Jedi interwebz resource in 3….2….1…. is a web-based marketplace where people post jobs that they will do for $5.  So you could get someone to sing “Happy Birthday” in Cartman from South Park’s voice and send you the recording.  Or, you get some pretty good design work done quickly and for only $5 – so the 15-second intro was created for $5.  For those of you who checked out the Mitch Korn Interrogation the other day – the Goalie Training Pro Interrogations banner was created by someone on for…you guessed it $5.  Want a photo altered on photoshop – – Fiverr –need someone to do an emotional rant video for you – – Fiverr – –  You can even pay someone $5 to ‘make a tough decision for you’ – – ahhhh the power of Fiverr.

Okay, so that is your questions answered plus a wicked cool tech tip – I’m out.