Off-Ice Goalie Training Q&A: 5

Before I get to the Off-Ice Goalie Training Q&A – I am sorry to tell you that since there were only 12 comments left on the last post that incriminating photo of me with the Stanley Cup will stay in the Revolution Conditioning vault!  Whew!  Don’t worry, I might make the same offer next year during the cup final!

Today’s off-ice training Q&A is packed with content here is what you will find:

  • What should goalies focus on during their off-ice training (I actually answered this very thoroughly here)?
  • Adding Yoga and Pilates to your off-ice goalie training
  • Wrist strengthening for goalies/wrist pain with push ups
  • The answer to a question asking me if I could tell you exactly what exercises to do and how many reps to do for each
  • Why do my knees crack when I squat?
  • Can I change my training schedule to fit my on-ice schedule?

The answers to your off-ice goalie training here – click on the video below!

If you have a question about off-ice training for hockey goalies, then just post it in the comments section below and I will add it to my next question and answer post!