Off-Ice Goalie Drills Using the Slideboard

Thanks so much for all of your great comments after the last post – as promised, I found a couple of minutes yesterday to shoot a video showing a slideboard circuit for goalies.  Quite a few of you have slideboards, but use them for striding or don’t use them very much.  I put this circuit together for you to use – give it a try- it is tough!

My suggestion is to start with 30s of each movement – then I would build up to 45s.  I would not go beyond  45 seconds because I think you would be losing too much quality from fatigue.  Running through 4 sets of 30s circuits will be a great conditioning exercise.  Let’s face it, we don’t all have an hour or hour and a half to train, some of us need to get in a quick workout and then take care of business!

Don’t get frustrated when you are doing the knee recoveries on the board – you will go sliding off the board from time to time – just practice and learn to deal with it!  Enjoy the goalie slideboard circuit gang and thank you again for all your comments last time – you are what make this site tick and your comments keep me motivated to produce the best content I can!

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