Success or Failure – chose one.

Let’s go back to Kindergarten right now and put on our imagination.  Imagine your goaltending career, and I don’t care in any way if that career is AA, NHL or OBBL (old boys beer league), just picture your career.  Now imagine that you come to a fork in the road and the sign showing two options – either success or failure.  Which will you chose?

Do you believe that you are as good a goalie as you can be?  More importantly are you as good a goalie as you want to be?  I doubt it – I don’t think you would be reading this blog if you were answering “Yes” to both of these questions.

Now I am going to transform into the amazing Kreskin and I bet most of you have already started a thought process taking you through all of the reasons you are not the goalie you want to be.  Maybe you have been brainwashed by other people who have always told you that you are too small, to slow, just not good enough.  Or maybe you have brainwashed yourself, maybe you truly believe you could be better, but tell yourself that you don’t have the time, you are far to busy with school, work, family or friends – they are the one holding you back.  Or maybe you have tried in the past, but failed.  Does the voice of doubt fill your head?  Is there a tiny corner of your brain that still believes you can be better?

If it is what you really want, then I know you can be better.  And your goal does not have to be playing in the NHL, a goal to just improve your save percentage is a completely noble and worthwhile quest because it will reinforce that you can be the athlete you want to be.  Do you have dreams?   Do you believe?  I believe.

Check out this video and then check back later in the week for something I have been cooking up for a while to help you achieve your goals in a systematic fashion.  See you later.