NHL Strength Coach Interrogation


Before I get to the interview with Sean Skahan of the Anaheim Ducks, I wanted to give you my review of the new James Bond film, “SkyFall”.  Here is it…if you love Bond – GO SEE IT!  If you are luke-warm about Bond – go see it!  If you hate all things Bond, then probably wait for it to come out on DVD, but still watch it, you might like it!  I loved the movie, thought it was the best one ever (took over top spot from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service with George Lazenby – remember that one?).

I am not a movie buff who heads to the theater regularly, it has to be pretty special to get me sitting in a theater, the last movie I saw in a theater was the final installment of the Harry Potter series – it was awesome too!  So there is my advice on the new Bond – let me know if you go see it.

Hockey Strength Coach Interrogation…

I was lucky enough to get Anaheim Ducks’ Strength and Conditioning Coach, Sean Skahan on the phone with me for an interrogation last Thursday.  We talked about the lockout, what made this Hallowe’en different from most others and of course we talked about off-ice hockey training.

Among other things we talked about:

  • Kettlebell training for off-ice hockey training
  • Sean shared his top three techniques to help players recover after games
  • How he schedules team workouts around games.

You do not need to opt-in or pay for the interview, it is just a special treat for the HockeyTrainingPro.com team – enjoy!

audio interview with NHL strength coach Sean Skahan>>>>  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN  <<<<

In the audio I referred to some reference material and told you that I would put links up, so here they are….

  • I asked Sean about a couple of off-ice hockey training DVDs he has created – one is Kettlebell Training For Hockey and the other is Slideboard Training For Hockey.  You know I am very picky about any products I mention here and I always give you my honest opinion of them.  Honestly, I have not seen either one of these products, so I cannot comment on the content, but I have followed Sean’s work for quite a few years and I do like his approach, so I feel comfortable posting this link to let you check it out and see for yourself.  http://seanskahan.com/products
  • Finally, if you are a trainer who works with hockey players, you should check out what HockeyStrengthandConditioning.com has to offer.  If you want direct access to the top hockey strength and conditioning coaches from the NHL & USA Hockey, then you might be interested in this site. I am a member and really find it a valuable resource.

I do not make a penny from any of these referrals – these are not affiliate links, just sharing some resources.