Looking for a pro-style training camp

This is just the thing – – but it is only for goalies who are playing at a high level and going higher (NCAA, CIS, CHL, Pro)…

I get excited for every camp I work at, but this one was special.  Coming off the GCG Prospects Event just outside of Boston the week before, the one day stop over at home had me thinking… why am I doing this?  (I told you all about that amazing goalie event where I worked with 218 goalies PER DAY – –  HERE) 

The Hockey Summit was going to be different.

For starters it is in the Fort Myers, Florida area, so that meant I wound NOT have to drive in Boston (which seems like more of a sport than a way to get around) and it was a small group training camp for Pro and College players.

I was there to work with the goalies and I was lucky enough to be able to invite Turning Pro coaching client Grant Adams down for the week.  It was a great glimpse into what he would be facing in a few years when he starts his career at St. Lawrence. 

It was great for him to get a glimpse at what it is like to be a pro…

  • Full workout kit waiting in your stall when you arrive
  • Breakfast every morning – flapjacks, cereal, smoothie bar, yogurt, toast, everything you need to fuel your first workout of the day.
  • Fresh pressed juices in the cooler
  • Post workout snacks – protein bars, shakes
  • Fully equipped gym upstairs for the off-ice training sessions
  • 2 x 50-minute on-ice sessions where the goalies get to work privately with Josh Robinson and then join the skaters to face NHL caliber shooters
  • Restorative session post-ice
  • Healthy lunch waiting when you come off the ice
  • Wrapping up the day with Massage, Chiro, Physiotherapy, NormaTec Recovery systems
  • Then the rest of the day to head back to your condo or maybe hit the beach for some sunlight therapy

Everything ran on schedule and it was just a great high-end training environment that felt just like an NHL prospect camp or training camp.  Some of the players stay for the entire 7-weeks and some only attend 1-2 weeks to get a good measuring of how their off-season training is working so far (and for some a big kick in the ass).

I can’t wait to get back down there for the last week of the camp starting August 20th.  I really don’t want to miss any time there, so I will fly overnight from Eli Wilson’s Day with Carey Price (looking forward to seeing a bunch of you there) and go straight to the gym for Monday’s workout.

Justin Roethlingshoefer is the head strength coach and on-ice coach behind the camp (he splits his in-season time between the San Diego Gulls and the Anaheim Ducks) and when he invited me to look after the goalies, I was pumped!

He was also generous enough to let me invite one (maybe two) of the goalies who follow my programs online for the weeks when I am there.  So if you are looking for a pro-style training camp before you get back to your team and would like to learn more about joining me the week of August 20th, just email or PM me and I can let you know if I still have space.