Less than a month to hockey tryouts….now you can panic!

Hey Gang,

Well, it has started, the flood of emails from panicked goalies and skaters alike who start off by listing about 7,000 reasons why they have not been able to train all summer – one athlete told me they could not train because it was raining.  Anyway, I am typically a pretty “keep calm carry on” type of gal, but there is panic in these athletes – and there should be!

Now don’t get me wrong, you have not completely blown it; you have only mostly blown it.  The only way you completely blow it is if you decide that you have waited too long, you decide that you will never be able to catch up and therefore you decide to do nothing.  Then you really are screwed.

Although I cannot create custom workouts for all of these players, that is what I do for the members of my Elite Training Group (which is currently sold out – sorry :(), I did get a nice email – that I have since lost – from a skater who was just asking for a point in the right direction.  He asked me to highlight a few of my top videos that he should look at for ideas of what to do heading into camp.  This guy actually had been training for the summer, but just wanted to make sure he had covered all his bases.

Here are the things you should focus on….

Leg Strength For Hockey Players

Flexibility Training for Hockey Players

Leg Power & Stamina for Hockey Players

In terms of scheduling out your training – I would do the flexibility every single day – maybe even twice per day.  I would do the leg exercises 2-3 times per week and I would do the hill run no more than twice per week.

If you are a goalie and think this type of training could help transform your game, then I suggest you check out the Goalie Workout Club, a private members-only website where you get a new goalie specific off-ice training program each month that will develop your flexibility, stability, strength, stamina and speed for less than $20.  Wanna think about it…no problem, take your time, keep thinking about how much better you could be (ooops, was that sarcasm?)

Best of luck with your tryouts gang.  Don’t get down on yourself if you have put off your training, all you can do is start now and keep going – you will still make outstanding progress throughout the season.  Then remember this feeling so next year you are into your off season training during May.