Unleash lateral strength and power in net

How’s the week starting off for you?

Mine is going great, there is a lot going on at RevCon so it has felt busy, but all good stuff.  One of our Olympic athletes is home for a few weeks before their team training camp, I am training up a new part-time Strength Coach and being away for most of last week at the Mastermind meeting put me a little wee bit behind from the get go.

Had some great training sessions already today – started with back to back Master’s group coaching and then a private session with our Olympic medalist – now I want to send this exercise out to you before heading to the accountant’s office in a few minutes (YIKES – just kidding, just a strategy session).

So let’s get down to it…

There is so much you can do with a single barbell, not just squats, bench, deadlifts and biceps curls 😉

We use it in the “landmine” position a lot and if you don’t have a landmine attachment, don’t even worry about it for a second.  Just put it on the floor (as long as you aren’t going to scratch the floor) and it will work fine, you aren’t really leaning on the bar anyway, so it shouldn’t be moving around.

Here is one that works your lateral pushing muscles (picture a post-to-post push), helps your groins get used to lengthening under tension AND teaches you to maintain a stable torso as you move side-to-side, which is huge if you want to stay big and square in the net as you move in the crease.

Here’s what it looks like –

If you cannot see the video above, no worries, keep calm… here’s the link > https://youtu.be/YVt_Xk9MqVE


If you are tight on time for your regular workout, then this is the one to quickly sneak in.  It is designed to fire up your nervous system so your hand-eye coordination is razor sharp and to get your feet moving quickly and skillfully so you can spoil any shooters open net snipe 🙂

That feels the best doesn’t it?

Anyway, you can click HERE to get it or click the image below if you prefer clicking images 🙂