How to win a copy of the Rapid Response Goalie Training System

Sorry for the second post this week and it is only MONDAY! – but I wanted to tell you about a way that you can WIN a copy of the Rapid Response Goalie Training system.  This is the first of two contests that I am running this month, so if you don’t qualify for this one, don’t worry, you will qualify for the next one!  Read on to learn more about it.

There were more than a few of you who missed out on the early bird release of the Rapid Response Goalie Training for various reasons – you forgot, you were at work, you were waiting for your paycheck, you had the flu, etc.  Most of you were pretty nice about it and emailed to see if I could help you out.  Some of you were downright sour about it, which always puzzles me – I was trying to do something nice for you!  At any rate, I cannot give some folks the discount beyond the initial offer and others not, that would not be fair to those of you who did remember and take immediate action.

off-ice goalie training

Because I love players who take action steps toward their goal of becoming the best goalie they can be, I am going to reward those of you who have already invested in this quest.  Here is the deal…

  • This is only for those of you who have purchased the Ultimate Goalie Training system (yes, I will check).
  • If you have actually done the training and feel that it has improved your game, the post a comment below (in the comments section of this post) telling me exactly how the Ultimate Goalie Training system improved your performance on the ice.  Be specific.
  • Do not email your response to me!
  • You must include your name, age, home state and be okay with me using your comments in my advertising for the Ultimate Goalie Training system.
  • There are TWO copies of the RRGT up for grabs – one will be selected at random from all of the posts that comply with the guidelines above.  The other one will be the post that I feel is the best.
  • Entries must be received no later than Saturday, December 4, 2010 – I will announce the winners sometime on Monday, December 6th!

Good luck!

PS – forwards and D – don’t worry, I have not forgotten about you – I have a super special surprise coming for you in December!