Home Workout for Goalies & Experiment in Commitment

Before I give you the home workout for goalies video, I want to tell you about what I was up to earlier this fall.  I ran a little experiment at the Revolution Studio this fall, here is how it went down.  During mid-September, as the fall training groups were getting up to speed I wrote this message on the whiteboard in the gym, “Who else is prepared to work hard and achieve their goals this fall?”

I signed the board right away and before I even new it one of my top ‘Varsity’ group athletes had signed his name on – – I had not even mentioned the board or drawn their attention to it.  I left it up there for 6-weeks and I was amazed at what I saw.

Again, without drawing attention to the board the names that went up there were the best of the best of the athletes I train at Revolution…there are two Olympic Gold Medalists, one MLB pitcher who helped the Rockies to the World Series, a PanAm Games competitor from this past month and numerous other provincial team members, high school all-stars and adult clients who compete and perform in their preferred sport.

how commited are you to your goalie training?

What I also saw was athletes look at the board, read the board, look at all the names and then walk away without signing on.  What does that say about someone who will not even take the time to sign their name on a whiteboard as a declaration that they are willing to work hard to achieve their goals?  Stunning to me!

I would like to do a virtual whiteboard right here, so let me ask YOU…

Who Else is Prepared to Work Hard and Achieve Your Goals This Fall?

Sign your name in the comment section below if YOU are prepared….

Here is the home workout for goalies

Now that you are committed, it is time to give you some action steps.  After all, maybe you just do not know where to start.  Start with this home workout for goalies.  Perform each exercise for 30 seconds.  Rest 10-15 seconds between each exercise and complete 2-4 circuits.  You can do this workout 2-4 times per day – but make sure your technique is perfect, otherwise you may injure yourself.  Some of the exercises are pretty advanced.  This is not a beginner workout routine.

So, commit to working toward achievement on the ice this fall and you can start with this off-ice home workout for goalies – enjoy!