Hockey Players! Leave Your Ab Twists in Russia – plus contest #2


I know you have done them – I have done them.  I have even programmed them into my workouts in the past.  It makes sense – you are a hockey player, you need rotational power to shoot harder, this exercise looks like it builds rotational power and it sure makes your abs burn like crazy so why not?

Again after learning from spine biomechanist Dr. Stuart McGill a few weeks ago in Toronto, I feel the risks outweigh the benefits.  Here are the two things that cemented this in my mind.

1)      The deep back muscles which are oddly enough called the Rotatores are actually not really meant to rotate the spine based on their composition.  Did you know that muscles have little receptors within them that deliver valuable information to your brain about the position of the muscle, the amount of tension on it, even the rate of change.  This helps your body precisely control its position at all times.

Well those Rotatores are very small muscles that cover just one spinal segment at a time, but they are chock full of these position receptors, so their composition dictates that their function is not producing force, it is monitoring position and stress on the spine.

2)      Add that to the understanding that the abdominal muscles are not intended to generate force, but rather stabilize the torso against force.   So to improve rotational power for a harder  slap shot for example, you need to build stronger legs and hips and build a strong enough core that you can transfer all of that power through the torso and to your hockey stick

So here are the exercises that I have now put on the Core Training for Hockey Naughty list:

  • Crunches
  • Reverse Crunches
  • Oblique Crunches
  • Leg Throwdowns
  • Russian Twist
  • Seated Med Ball Rotary Passes

Here are the exercises on the Core Training for Hockey Nice list:

  • Front Plank
  • Side Plank
  • McGill Curl Up
  • Med Ball Rotary Passes
  • Single Leg Squatting
  • Standing Cable Presses
  • Standing Cable Rows

Here is a video below to show you what I am talking about.  Then keep reading to learn how you can win free copy of the New Rapid Response Goalie Training system!

The last contest to win a free copy of the fast off-ice workouts for goalies, I call it Rapid Response Goalie Training, was only open to those of you who have already invested in your success by purchasing the Ultimate Goalie Training system.  I got some great responses and selected two winners – congratulations!  Now I want to give those of you who have never purchased one of my products to win a free copy too.  Here is what you need to do if you would like to enter – just leave a comment below this post and tell me why you need an off-ice goalie training program that you can do quickly at home.  How will it make a difference to not only your game, but your life in general.  If you chose to enter, you need to leave your name, age and hometown.

You have until Saturday at midnight ET to leave your comment and I will announce the winner right here on the blog early next week.  Good luck!


PS – skaters, I have not forgotten you – I have a super special Christmas treat for you that I will announce later next week – trust me, you do not want to miss on this.