Hockey Goalie Warm Up Before Game

Are you willing to invest less than 10 minutes to kick your game off with FIRE? Follow along as I walk you through a quick and EFFECTIVE off-ice warm-up, that will get your nervous system, energy system and musculoskeletal system ready to go. Leave a comment and let us know if you follow a systematic ad effective warm-up routine before games. Do you notice a difference if you ever miss it?

Here is what we covered:

LAX Ball x 30s each

Bottom of foot

Hip flexor

Upper Glute

Half Groin Rock Back – 5ea (hold 5s)

Half Groin T-Spine Rotation x 4ea (pause 2s)

World’s Greatest Stretch + x 3each

Down-Back-Rotation x 3ea Lateral Hop + Stick 2-Count x 2ea

Knee Down Skate Bound x 2ea

Stay Warm,

Coach M


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