Happy Labour Day! How appropriate.

Hope you are having a great weekend – for those of you in my part of the world I hope you are having a great Labour Day weekend.  I always think of “Labour Day” as a funny holiday because every few years my birthday falls on the actual Labour Day holiday.  Get it – my Mom was in labour on Labour Day?

Okay, maybe it is not that funny – small things amuse me.  In actual fact there was nothing amusing at all about the moments before I made my entrance since I did not take the easy route and decided to give my Mom a pretty hard time.  I arrived 5-weeks early and my Mom had to have an emergency c-section so she would not bleed to death.  Sorry Mom.

As soon as I was born I went to sleep (I still like to sleep actually) and I stayed asleep for about 5 days or so.  They thought I would wake up when I got hungry enough, but no such luck, finally they had to put in a feeding tube.  Then when I was good an ready, I woke up and it was ON like donkey kong!

So tomorrow will be my 42nd birthday, Paul & I have been spending the weekend at our condo at Blue Mountain which is a nice ski area on Georgian Bay about 3.5 hours from where we live in London.  In the winter we can hop on the ski lift just out side our door and in the summer we can go biking or to the beach.  One of my goals for this weekend was to try “Stand Up Paddle Boarding”.  If you are not familiar with it, it is basically standing on a big surfboard and paddling with a long paddle like a canoe paddle.  We got out on boards today and it was awesome fun!  I loved it – I will definitely do more of that.

Okay enough about me – what are YOU going to get out of this…HERE’S WHAT!

If you buy the Rapid Response Goalie Training system any time between now and sometime on Thursday, September 8th when I bump the price up to $119 you will be invited to a private online Q&A strategy session.  You will have full access to ask me anything (and have it answered live).  Access like this is usually reserved for the members of my $2000+ (yes that is two-thousand) Elite Goalie Strength & Conditioning program.

So if you appreciate that the will to prepare is more important than just the will to win then this is what the RRGT has to offer:

  • reduce your risk of injury while improving your performance
  • train at home with basic equipment like dumbbells, stability ball and resistance band
  • goalie specific workouts that improve your lateral speed on the ice which take less than 40-minutes to complete (most are 20-30 minutes)
  • based on your game, practice or life schedule you decide whether to train 2, 3 or 4 days per week
  • an ideal high intensity, low volume training system for in-season goalie training program
  • like all of my programs, this one comes with my 60-Day-Full-Money-Back-No-Questions-Asked-Guarantee
  • you will still get access to all of the regular bonus features that come with the RRGT, but for this limited time you can get direct access to me in an invite-only Q&A strategy session

Here’s how it works…

When you purchase the RRGT between now and September the 8th, you will get an email a few days after September 8th to let you know the details for the web-based Q&A Strategy Session.  The call will take place during the third week of September (I am currently thinking September 20th at 6pm).

What if you can’t make it onto the call…

I know you have a busy life, that is why the RRGT is the ideal off-ice goalie training program for you.  If you cannot attend the Q&A Strategy Session, no problem I will upload a replay of the event so you can come back later and listen in.  You will submit your questions ahead of time via email (again I will give all the details when I send your invitation after September 8th) so you can still get your individual questions answered.

You do not need a special link – just click below for more information about the Rapid Response Goalie Training program with the 60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee – there are not catches here, so please do not email me asking if there is a catch.  Seriously, I get people emailing me saying things like:

EMAIL: So you say your product comes with a “money back” guarantee, but if I don’t like the program or I am just to lazy to actually get off my sofa and do the workouts can I get ALL OF MY MONEY BACK?

MY RESPONSE: Um yeah…that is what full money back guarantee means – duh.  (okay, usually I don’t say the ‘duh’ part, but I want to)

off-ice goalie trainingClick here to learn more about how using the Rapid Response Goalie Training system for your in-season goalie training program will help you have your best season ever!

Have a great weekend all!