Goalie Training Q&A + Pugs…

All I can say is that mother nature has given us a cornucopia of weather this winter (good word eh?).  Saturday it was about -10C when Paul and I were out running in the morning, yesterday was another lovely winter day and today it is pouring rain with a predicted high of +9C!  What the huh?!  Had a pretty quite weekend – watched my clients Virtue and Moir win the National Championships in Ice Dance the other day, so that was great fun.  Next they are off to the Four Continents Championship and then World Championships, so still lots of season left for them.

Anyway, today I am hitting you with some goalie training Q&A.  I am going to hit the following topics in this video….

  • My thoughts on Mark Verstegen’s Core Performance books
  • Skipping over training modules based on how you feel
  • Adding extra workouts on days off
  • My summer training camps
  • Pre-game warm-ups
  • Is UGT 2.0 appropriate for an 11 year old goalie?
  • You will also find out why there is a picture of a Pug on this post.

Check out the answers to all your goalie training questions in the video below…