Dryland Strength Exercises for Goalies using the TRX

Today I am typing this post sharing some dryland strength exercises for goalies using the TRX from a plane (no wifi on this one, so I will have to wait to actually upload it) – remember that I am heading to Vegas for my Mastermind Group meeting that I told you about earlier this week.  I will let you know how it goes.

I am pretty lucky, I don’t have to travel too much for work – some camps in the summer, some private training with pro clients who live out of town, my three Mastermind Group meetings every year, plus Paul and I typically take a holiday once per year.  So I guess that actually is quite a bit of travelling!  Anyway, I can get pretty creative with our workouts when we are away – much to Paul’s chagrin.

Benefits of Suspension Training

One of my favourite tools to use whether I am travelling or in the gym is the TRX, which allows you to do what is called suspension training.  Unlike some of the other things you read about – this one is not a fad.  The TRX has several benefits including:

  1. Portability – you can use it almost anywhere – hook it to a tree, a power rack, a fence, you can even get a door anchor.
  2. Stabilization – there are no fixed movements, you control the TRX and load the exercises using your bodyweight.  So if, for example, you are doing push ups, but you do not have the strength in your torso to maintain a straight line body position – the TRX will magnify that and you will not be able to execute the reps.  You will be forced to work within the limit of your weakest link – a great way to get those stabilizers to catch up to your bit strong prime movers.
  3. You can work any body part with the TRX and with some creativity you can make up some really fun workouts – like the below showing you some dryland strength exercises for goalies.

Dryland Strength Exercises for Goalies (Video)

There are other brands of suspension training systems, but I have only ever used the TRX so that is why I focus on it.  At first glance it looks a little pricey, but I can tell you that I have had mine in the gym – getting daily use – for over 5 years, so the durability factor is there.

Okay, time to write a few more articles and my weekly email to my Uncle Tom before we are wheels down in Vegas (thankfully all the yahoo’s who are headed to Vegas to par-TAY have fallen asleep, so I can get a little work done).