Dryland Goalie Training Q&A – part 3

First of all, the photo on the left has nothing to do with this post, I am just writing it from Starbucks, so I thought I would throw on a snapshot of Sbucks deliciousness!

I told you the Q&A got outta hand this week, so to wrap up this first week of spring I am sending out the third and final installment of your dryland goalie training Q&A.  If you missed Part One and Part Two, just click on the links to check them out.  I will get back on track with my planned posts starting tomorrow.  But for now – here are the answers to the rest of your dryland goalie training questions.  In this episode I answer:

  • What strength, speed, flexibility and coordination exercises you should do during the off-season?
  • Is the UGT 2.0 too much of a dryland program for a 35 year old goalie?
  • Can you regain the flexibility you had in your teens once you get into your 40’s

Dryland Goalie Training Q&A Part Three – Video

Have a great day gang – thanks for all the awesome questions.  I really appreciate it.  Stay tuned this coming week for my post on why you should not be eating like a supermodel.


PS – almost forgot…I am pumped to let you know that I offered to help out my friend Steve McKichan when he holds his two day training camp in Strathroy this April.  Steve runs this free training camp out of the goodness of his heart and through the Goalie Store Bulletin Board.  It is going to be awesome and I am really looking forward to heading down the road to do an off-ice session with the group – hope to see some of you there!  If you don’t know Steve, you should.  Check out his site at www.FuturePro.com