Beer League Goalie Basic Training

Just because you are no longer competing for the starter’s role on a junior team and you have let go of the dream that you will get the call from an NHL team any time soon, I know that does not mean that you have lost your competitive streak.

It’s okay, it is not a secret. You can tell your friends and family that you are only out there for ‘fun’, I think we all know what you mean by ‘fun’.  Winning = FUN.

Sure, you might not smash your stick over the cross bar any more (with maturity you are painfully aware that those things cost money) after a loss.  You are a little more gracious now, but you are still out there to win.  You don’t mind at all when you steal a game for your team and your unbelievable glove save at 17:23 of the third is the main topic of discussion in the dressing room after the game.

Well guys and gals, this one is for you – it is Basic Training for the Beer League Goalie.  If you have been away from off-ice training for a while – maybe you are carrying a few extra pounds around your middle; you are concerned that starting a training program may be too much.  The last thing you want to do is hurt yourself by going back to the type of training you knew as a younger you.

You remember hitting the gym in college for some heavy squats, bench press, bench press, bench press and a few sets of curls.  You picture those workouts now and your knees ache just thinking about the weight you used to put up.

While you may not be ready for heavy squats, I have put together this off-ice workout for beer league goalies that will address what you need the most – flexibility, stability and goalie specific strength.

You can split the workout into a Mobility day and a Strength & Stability day which will make each workout last about 10-15 minutes.  If you do two Mobility workouts per week and two Strength & Stability workouts per week you will be shocked at how much better you feel on the ice.

You will be shocked by how much quicker your lateral movements feel.  At how your legs don’t feel like they are filled by lead after the first two periods and you will be pleasantly surprised when your hips don’t ache the morning after every game.

Ready to invest a little time for a great pay-off on the ice?

Foam Roll Groins x 20 on each side

Foam Roll Hip Flexors x 20 on each side

Supine Hip IR x 10 – hold 3 seconds

½ Kneeling Groin Stretch x 45 seconds on each side

Elevated Hip Flexor x 45 seconds on each side

T-Spine Rotation x 8 on each side – go slowly

Glute Bridge x 10 – hold 3 seconds

DB Sumo Squat x 12 – count to 3 as you lower into the squat

SB Roll Out x 10-15 – count to 3 as you roll out and roll back

MiniBand Step Lateral x 10 each way – go slowly

“W” Drill x 8 each way – go there and back for one rep; rest 20 seconds between each repetition

Not sure how to do the exercises in this beer league goalie workout?  No worries, I put together a video for you.  If you are going to give the workout a try, then be sure to “Like” the post below.  Then let me know how it is going by leaving a comment in a few weeks.



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