Any goalies want a wider butterfly flare?

Hi Gang,

One of my friends over at put forth an idea to have a friendly challenge to see who can widen their butterfly flare the most over the next six weeks or so.  I offered to create a program to help goalies increase their butterfly flare.

So I created this little workout that will only take 10-15 minutes to complete  (click the link for the PDF):

Hockey Goalie Butterfly Challenge

And I posted a video of all the exercises over at the Goalie Crease forum – you can see the video here:

Off ice exercises to help hockey goalies get a wider butterfly flare

This challenge is just for fun and the intention is to help motivate one another to do something that will improve your performance on the ice and reduce your risk of injury.  If you feel that your butterfly flare is already wide enough, or you have hip issues that limit your mobility, or you just plain old don’t want to do it, then no problem.  I am leaving the rules, etc. up to the guys over at , but I have donated two copies of the Ultimate Goalie Training system to the ‘winners’.

Enjoy gang!


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