A simple way for goalies to build strong, flexible hips.

Hey Gang,

Can you believe it is almost the end of July?  Wow!  The players in my junior elite off-ice training group only have 3.5 weeks of training left before they head into their tryouts and the pro guys will only be around until the end of August or early September.  It is crazy how fast the summer goes.  Some of you may feel a little panic now because maybe you have been neglecting your off-ice training – you know the old “I will start next Monday” routine.  Well gang, you have now let almost 12-Mondays slide by.

Now I know the next thought from some of you…oh man, I blew it!  Oh well, can’t achieve much in only four weeks, so I might not make that team this year, but I will train really hard next year and get back on.  Don’t talk yourself out of it!  You can achieve a lot in four weeks.  It is not ideal, but it is better than nothing at all.  So do something today to make yourself a better player.  This site is full of exercises and workout ideas – no excuses – get started.

Here is one of the simplest exercises I can think of to help goalies build strong and flexible hips.  All you need is a resistance band tied in a small loop.  Don’t have a resistance band – fine, then place one hand on the outside of each knee to create resistance as you push your knees outward.


P.S. – if you still want to salvage this off-season training opportunity and make this your best hockey season ever – start today.  Do one thing that will make you a better hockey player, don’t waste your time training to be a bodybuilder.  Not sure where to start?  You may want to check out my done-for-you off-ice hockey training programs.  I have one for goalies – Ultimate Goalie Training and one for skaters – the HockeyStrong Training System.