A question about Intense workouts vs. workout Intensity

Hi Gang,

I have had some great questions about off ice training for goalies over at www.goaliestore.com where we are having a discussion about off-season training.  One competitive men’s league goalie asked about the type of training they could do to lose some fat and asked about some of the workout programs you see on TV infomercials.  I tried to explain that the work:rest ratios of some of those programs bias the program to more of an endurance-type workout.  Whereas some of the current research shows that very high absolute intensity for short durations with lots of rest – 20:40 seconds or 30:90 seconds gets the athlete working at a higher percentage of their absolute max which may increase the post-workout energy consumption.    An athlete asked for a little clarification, so I did a quick video with this response:

Be careful, the volume on this one is kind of high – maybe turn it down a few notches…