8 Simple Speed Secrets for Hockey Players

Hope you all had a great weekend.  I spent the weekend waiting for the snow to finally arrive in southern Ontario – will it ever come!  I hit the mall to start some Christmas shopping, it was already a zoo, so if you have not started your shopping yet, you better get on that.  After the Christmas shopping Paul and I headed out for a great bike ride – wearing shorts and a long sleeve shirt (unbelievable for the end of November).  Our final task of the day was to clean out the cupboard under our kitchen sink.  We took about 1/3 of a garbage bag out of there.  We keep the craziest things – I had eyeshadow in there – have you ever seen me wearing eyeshadow?  I think the last time I wore makeup was probably on our wedding day which was about 16 years ago – probably do not need to keep that!

Then on Sunday I worked from 6:30-11am and then I went to spend some time with my Mom.  Yesterday was exactly 4 months since my Dad passed away suddenly from a heart attack so it has been a big adjustment period for all of us, but especially my Mom.  So we had brunch together at her new apartment and then we did something I never thought I would be doing with my Mom…we went and checked her email.  Until about two weeks ago, my Mom had never even turned on a computer, so it is pretty exciting to see her figure it out.  Then we went over how to work the DVD player and the Tassimo coffee maker.  It is great to see my Mom finding her new groove step-by-step.

Okay, on to the today’s post.  I hosted a free workshop for hockey coaches at the Revolution Studio a few weeks ago.  It was really fun, but I know that many of you live pretty far from London, Ontario – yeah a bit of a hike from Mexico City, Slovenia, England, Sweden and Australia – even for you guys in Jersey!  So I am going to share 8 Simple Speed Secrets for Hockey players with you.

CLICK ON THE LINK TO GET THE POWER POINT SLIDES… Hockey Coaching Workshop – Speed Nov 2011

Here is a video explaining the Simple Speed Secrets for Hockey Players…

Like I said, these are simple speed secrets that will make your players faster on the ice.  There is no specialized equipment required and you can do them anywhere – happy training!