5 Must Do Groin Stretches For Hockey Goalies

5 Must Do Groin Stretches For Hockey Goalies are just that… they are the 5 stretches every hockey goaltender must do if they don’t want their groin to go SPROINGGGG!!

The best way to become a better goalie is to stay healthy and stay on the ice. Not all hockey injuries are preventable, but these stretches will help you move better on the ice, feel better after your skates and reduce your risk of a groin injury.

Foam Roll your Adductors x 30s each

Oblique Hip Flexor x 30s each ½ Groin Rock Back – 6each (5s hold)

½ Groin + Rotation – 6each

Bilateral Groin PNF – 3 (5s squeeze + 10s hold)


Happy Training,

Coach M


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