5 In Season Exercises For Durable Hips | Goalie Training

5 in season exercises for durable hips to include with your goalie training because you cannot maximize your potential if you are stuck watching from the stands.

Not all injuries are preventable, but including these 5 prehab drills in your off ice goaltender training will help reduce your risk of ending up on the IR.

1) Superband Inline Traction x 60s each

2) Superband Lateral Hip Distraction x 60s each

3) LAX Ball on Hip Rotator Cuff – hip flexor, upper glute, TFL x 30s each

4) Half Groin Rock Back x 5ea – hold 10s

5) PAILS/RAILS x 2ea


Here’s where to find the other 4 videos in this 5 video series:

Vid 1: In Season Flexibility Routine – https://youtu.be/dNuOJIsBfRo

Vid 2: In Season Strength Workout – https://youtu.be/AyNieFY0qDU

Vid 3: In Season Stamina Workout – https://youtu.be/9u_GaF8v6Pk

Vid 4: In Season Speed Workout – https://youtu.be/RTT8EVGYL_A

Stay healthy and on the ice,

Coach M


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