10 Secret Habits Of Pro Hockey Goalies: #7 Stable Strength ?️‍♀️

The 7th secret habit of pro hockey goalies is how they build strength and stability at the same time. On the ice, goalies can only express the strength they can stabilize.

Habit #7 – Stable Strength

Pro goalies challenge stability as they build strength.  They are not just making their big muscles stronger, they’re also making their stabilizers strong.

Some goalies are strong in the gym, but still have weak movements or a weak side on the ice.  These off-ice goalie drills will help with that.

  • Single Leg Squat – 8-12 or 4-6 loaded (each leg)
  • Push Up With Torso Rotation – 4 each side (2-3 second hold)
  • Shoulder External Rotation On Wall – 6 reps
  • Inline Half Kneeling Chop – Left leg 3 each way & Right leg 3 each way
  • Single Knee Balance + Hop – 4-6 each way

Those are some drills that illustrate the idea of how you can build stability as you build strength.

Happy training.