Hockey Training Q&A: When to train muscles in isolation

In this weeks off-ice hockey training Q&A I will answer your questions about online hockey training, how many sets and reps to do of the “How To Skate Faster” exercises and when you should train a muscle in isolation.

But before we get to that, the free agent frenzy starts in a few hours and I am keen to see what happens, it seems like there have already been a lot of big moves so far. To me the Seguin trade stands out. I don’t follow the Bruins that closely and I know that he was having trouble scoring, but I was surprised to see him get traded.

Now, I actually feel a little smug as a Leafs fan (does not happen very often so please let me have this) – that Kessel trade is looking better all the time (again, let me have this:)).

I was sorry to see the Leafs buy out Grabovski, man that guy would take a beating and play hard. Sorry to see him go, he was one of my favs. Hope he ends up with Pittsburgh or someone.

Off-Ice Hockey Training Q&A

Today’s topics are…

  1. Online training – how does it work?
  2. As promised in the video, here is the link to the ‘Exercises To Make You Skate Faster’ video:

3 Exercises To Make You Skate Faster

     3. When should hockey players train muscles in isolation rather than taking the more ‘functional’ approach to training?

Happy training!