Hockey Training Q&A- The one about training for tests

I was glad to see the sun come up this morning – it was doubtful that it would after the Leafs epic fail last night.  Oh well, as a Leafs fan we are good at suffering and it was great to see them in the play-offs.  Hoping the defeat will light a fire in them and that the fire will fuel their training all summer long – could be a good thing in the long run (yes I am being optimistic).

I had a great Mastermind meeting in San Diego – it can be a scary place you know – apparently the sidewalks bite – OUCH!

Our coaches Bedros and Craig flew in Adam Bornstein to be our guest instructor for the day on Friday and we learned a ton from him. Really nice guy, former editor at Men’s Health and the managing editor of and now his site is

Anyway, I learned a ton and as always I left with a list of my next seven tasks and the first step I needed to take to complete each of those tasks.  My goal is to always to burn through these as fast as I can – I finished four of the seven before my plane landed back on London.

You need to do the same- write out where you are now.  Where you want to be.  What are the seven (or three or whatever) things you need to do to get there and what is the first step you need to take.  You can do this for anything – hockey, saving money, building your career, your relationships anything.  I outlined the process and included a worksheet HERE.

Now for the Hockey Training Q&A…

In today’s episode I answer your questions about:

  • how you can make your own training program using just free content from YouTube
  • riding the bike over the off-season
  • training for team testing
  • and something else that I cannot remember 🙂

Anyway, hope it helps answer some of your questions in this quick 5-minute video.

Happy training gang!


PS – putting the finishing touches on the new off-season programs for skaters – it will be released in the next week with a half off offer for members of the Insider’s List.  Thanks for your patience.