Hockey Training Interrogation with Kevin Neeld

First off – woooooHoooooo – we got some good snow yesterday (enough to cover the ground) and it looks like more has come down overnight.  It is still pitch dark out, but I can see the cars are both well covered.  I will have to wake Paul up soon because I know he wanted to ‘test out’ the new snow tires we got on my car.  Just to make sure they are safe of course 🙂

I will head into the gym in about an hour to meet up with two of my favourite athletes ever and reigning Olympic champions in the Ice Dance – Virtue and Moir.  If anyone has any bright ideas about making comments about figure skating – – don’t.  You should all be able to appreciate what they can do on the ice and how they make it look so easy.


You Can Be Good or Great…

It ties in nicely with part of the conversation I had with hockey strength and conditioning specialist, Kevin Neeld, MS of last week (I will let you listen in) when we talked about what makes the difference between being good, being very good and being excellent – that would make a great article actually.  Well, one of the things is doing what needs to be done to achieve the goal consistently.

For these two, that means training Monday-Friday in Michigan with their coach, then driving back to London for a workout at the RevCon studio Friday afternoon and an early start to their Sunday so we can get in another workout at the gym before they drive back to Michigan to start it all over again.  To me that is letting your actions speak louder than your words.

Bright Lights – Interrogation Time!

Okay, enough of that – – let’s get to business and listen in on the conversation I had with Kevin Neeld.  On this occasion we talked about:

  • Canada vs. USA Olympic Hockey
  • How Kevin uses the Postural Restoration Institute techniques with his athletes
  • How breathing can have a profound impact on performance and recovery
  • The key ingredients shared by exceptional athletes

You can listen in here –

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You can learn more about Kevin’s hockey training programs over at

 Enjoy – have a great day! Think snow 🙂

Hockey training blueprint